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Client Information

We take your security very seriously. This website form sends encrypted and password protected emails directly to our office. The encryption process takes place prior to any sensitive information being sent over the internet.

The following information is essential for the proper monitoring and dispatch of alarms at your home or business. Please complete and return this form prior to the installation of your alarm system. If you have any questions regarding this form or dispatch procedure, please do not hesitate to call. Thank you for your business!

  • In the event of an alarm the police or fire departments will be notified first, next your caretaker is called. This person should have a key and a code # to your alarm system. It is their responsibility to check the property and take whatever action is necessary. Most of our customers use Seaside Alarms as a primary or back up caretaker to ensure around the clock response.
  • Your password verifies your identity to the central station. Passcards will be issued to you with the password and other central station information. Non-family members or employees should have their own passwords. Try to choose words that are easy for everyone to remember.
  • If there was a problem and your caretaker was not available who might know your whereabouts or be able to act on your behalf. (This person does not have to live locally.)

  • Verification